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Habibur Rahman

Executive (Creative Designer)

Believe in the transformative power of action. Work tirelessly to carve out space for your dreams, and let progress be the echo of your relentless effort.

Istiak Ahmed

Assistant Manager (Business Analyst)

Beyond spreadsheets and boardrooms, venture capital thrives on empathy. It’s about seeing the spark in someone’s eyes, the audacity in their pitch, and believing that, together can ignite a revolution.

Nayan Islam

Assistant Manager (Sourcing & Partnership)

Dive into the investment landscape with the spirit of an explorer. Uncover hidden gems, navigate the currents of market trends, and let your portfolio be a map of your bold journey through the ever-changing financial terrain.

Abdullah Al Hussain

Assistant Manager (Digital Marketing & Web Development)

Venture into the unknown, for it is there that you discover the treasures of opportunity. Investment is the key to unlocking the doors to progress and prosperity. Be strategic, be bold, and let your investments be the architects of a brighter future.

Abrar Sharier

Assistant Manager (Business Development and Operations)

In the realm where dreams ignite innovation, and the value of aspirations soars high. Chase dreams with the propulsion of intellect, spirit, and deeds—launch ambitions like a rocket into the boundless expanse of possibilities.

Redwanur Rahman Chowdhury

Assistant Manager (Business Operations)

In the venture capital landscape, success transcends beyond mere investments. It’s about influencing change. Each decision taken has the power to mold the future of innovation.