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With over 1200 active startups in Bangladesh

With over 1200 active startups in Bangladesh, you might be curious about which ones are leading. Here is a list of the top startups in Bangladesh.

ShopUp: ShopUp is Bangladesh’s leading full-stack B2B commerce platform for small businesses, both online and offline. They provide easy access to B2B sourcing, last-mile logistics, digital credit, and business management solutions.
Pathao: Pathao is a Bangladeshi on-demand digital platform aiming to accelerate the establishment of digital Bangladesh. Pathao provides app-based solutions through ride-sharing, food delivery, and e-commerce logistics services.
Praava Health: Praava is a one-stop solution for a variety of patient needs. They offer services ranging from family doctors, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry, cardiology, gastrology, to orthopedics. Additionally, they provide a range of lab testing, from basic to advanced pathology tests.
Chaldal: Chaldal is an online grocery and delivery platform based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company focuses on providing customers with the experience of shopping in a big-box store with a vast selection.
PriyoShop: PriyoShop is a B2B marketplace that connects micro-merchants directly to sellers, aiming to fix the fragmented supply chain.
Sindabad Shopping: Sindabad is a one-stop purchasing solution. They serve over 450 corporate clients all over Dhaka and also offer online shopping services to local customers.
Shikho: Shikho is an education technology company building a hyper-localized digital learning ecosystem for students in Bangladesh.
10 Minute School: 10 Minute School is an online educational platform in Bangladesh that covers academic classes from grades 1 to 12, university admission subjects covering different branches of study, and skills development training.
Shuttle: Shuttle is a mass-transit startup based in Bangladesh that provides safe transportation at an affordable price by moving more people with fewer vehicles. They cater to both B2B and B2C customers.

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